Mission Statement

Here at the Wesley House we serve the entire community. Whether it's youth, seniors or adults we're here to ensure that every individual in our community can live their life with dignity, meaning and purpose.

The mission of the Wesley House Association is to provide leadership for the ongoing stabilization of the community and to develop extensive local involvement in programs that enrich the quality of life for all who participate.


The History of the Wesley House of St.Louis

A lay group affiliated with the Methodist Church founded Wesley House Association in 1903. Its purpose was to provide social services for a neighborhood facing serious challenges brought about by changing populations. In 1925, when the Board agreed that it could better address these challenges as a non-sectarian agency, Wesley House Association becam a member of the Community Fund, which evolved into the United Way, and the church discontinued its association.

Wesley House built its one-story two level facility in 1952 at a cost of $200,000. It contains classrooms, a dining room and two kitchens. There is an auditorium seating 200, with a stage. A lighted and fenced yard that occupies the remainder of the square block property. It serves the area bounded by Natural Bridge, I-70, Kingshighway and Grand Avenue. There are approximately 30,000 residents in this community, residing primarily in single family homes and having an average family income of $21,000.

Neighborhood assets include sound and viable housing stock, well-organized block units and large amounts of open space devoted to parks and recreation. The most important asset, however, is the determination of Wesley House and its neighbors to keep the community intact. In 1986, a merger which had formed the umbrella agency Consolidated Neighborhood Services, Inc. (CNSI) was dissolved and Wesley House again, became an independent United Way agency.

Through the years, Wesley House has been a beacon of light, drawing neighbors to its safe harbor and lighting the way to accomplishments and achievements for the many people who have participated in its programs and services. Its great strength is the realistic, down-to-earth approach of the volunteers and staff as they work together to meet the areas challenges and opportunities. Wesley House is known in the neighborhood as “a second home” – the place to go for solutions.